Meet The Maytag Family

Our vacuums were designed to do what vacuums do best; deliver superior cleaning performance.

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A line in the carpet has been drawn.

Actually, It's been vacuumed.

On one side are the rainbow of colors and gimmicky gadgets of vacuums that are designed to be seen. On the other is the M1200 from Maytag, the vacuum that’s designed to clean. Built as powerful as it is dependable and durable, the M1200 provides maximum and continuous suction power for a cleaning performance like nothing else.

That’s Maytag clean.


Two motors

Do twice the work.

So you don't have to.

Featuring its patented Dual Intake System, the M1200 delivers more power and performance than typical vacuums. Two individual motors work together to provide continuous suction power and unmatched cleaning performance on carpets, floors and anywhere else around the house.

A clean air motor and direct air motor provide continuous suction power, maximum agitation, and exceptional carpet and bare floor cleaning.


You show off your home.

Not your vacuum.

When it comes to vacuum design, we’ve really cleaned house. The M1200 forgoes the gimmicky-gadgets and colorful plastic parts you don’t need, and focuses on the elements you do, like pure cleaning power, commercial grade belts, reinforced base plates and metal parts for maximum durability. It’s nothing fancy … unless powerful, durable and dependable is fancy.

You can clean with confidence knowing that Maytag stands behind the M1200 with a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Yeah, it’s got some baggage.

But we’re proud of it.

With 20 times the capacity of typical bagless upright vacuums, the M1200’s bag filtration system holds more dirt and dust, so your home doesn’t have to. Along with six stages of advanced filtration, including charcoal odor filtration, it provides a superior cleaning performance that makes it okay to brag about our bag.

Its poof-proof bag leaves
other vacuums in the dust.

But not you.

A self-sealing, poof-proof bag locks in even microscopic dust particles to ensure that you never come in contact with dirt and debris. It’s a superior cleaning performance that eliminates every mess, from floor to ceiling … to disposal.

Saves your house from pet hair.

One stray at a time.

Carpets, bare floors, upholstery; pet hair covers everything. But don’t worry, pet owners, the M1200 has you covered. Offering a Pet Hair Purr-fect cleaning performance, the Dual Intake System has the ideal suction power and agitation to pick up pet hair, dander and dirty paw prints. It’s more than enough to get you out of any hairy situation around the house.

Don't worry;

It'll give you your space.

How's 17 feet sound?

Wall-to-wall or floor to ceiling, the M1200 has everywhere covered, not to mention powerfully cleaned. An on-board tool set, including a telescopic aluminum-wand, a long stretch hose, a crevice tool and more, provides a cleaning radius up to 17 feet, which is enough room to clean the entire room.